We had a massive roll out of 29 Pirates to compete for the shield. This is our best field this year. Secret Harbour proved to be a challenge especially the back 9 when the wind got up gusting around 30 mph.

There is another massive thankyou that needs to go out to KNIGHTCORP, the company that Tommy, Joona and Brett work for. The company sponsored the day to thevalue of $500.
Here is a link to the KNIGHTCORP website where you can obtain further information on the services they offer.

The course was well presented as usual. The Pirates have a great rapport with the team at Secret Harbour and their appreciate was noted by Nic who runs the pro-shop by donating a box of Taylormade golf balls.

Buccaneer Shield Results

Closest 3rd Shot No. 3 – Cannons
NTP No. 5: - Kanga – Notable mention Mike Clifford’s ball ran up hit the cup and had too much speed
to drop instead popped up in the air and rolled on and Kanga got inside of Mike.
Longest any Putt No.7 – Tommy Rutter
Closest 2nd Shot No. 8 – Phil Place
Longest 1st Putt No.12 – Neville Nobody
Closest 2nd shot No.14 – Tommy Rutter
Closest 3rd Shot No. 16 – Paul Turner
NTP No. 17: - Chris Reid

1st Place – Tom Rutter – 44 points on a count back
2nd Place – Phil Place – 44 points.
3rd Place – Rod Smith – 38 points.
4th Place – Scott Ryan – 37 points.
Other notable scores – Keith Reid with 36 and Stephen Hille with 35 points. All respectable scores on a course that demands respect.


Tom Rutter