The Trophies

Club Champion

Perpetual Trophy


Won in 2014 by Garry Smith

Won in 2015 by Garry Smith

Won in 2016 by Garry Smith

Won in 2017 by John Constance

Won in 2018 by John Constance

Won in 2019 by Leigh Flowers

Won in 2020 by John Constance


Grade Division


Perpetual Trophies


'A' grade - John Constance

'B' grade - Chris Reid

'C' grade - Donald Wilson

'D' grade - Phil Place

Putting - John Constance

Consistency - John Constance

Eclectic -  Con Polkinghorne


The Buccaneer Shield

Perpetual Trophy


2013 winner Simon van Zeller

2014 winner Paul Turner

2015 winner Paul Lister

2016 winner Paris Murdock

2017 winner Andrew Creveld

2018 winner Troy Scott

2019 winner Matthew Breese

2020 winner Donald Wilson


The Treasury Cup
2021 winner Paul Lister


The Yoda Trophy

Cathy's words whilst presenting the Trophy honouring her late husband.-

"Mike, Tim and I are delighted to be here to mark the inaugral presentation of the Yoda Trophy.

Terry would have been over the moon to know the Pirates have acknowledged him in this way. Also the timing is spot on, with it being Terry's birthday yesterday.

We all hear much talk from clubs of all kind that promote their commitment to their members. Well you guys just get on with it, as has been seen over many years.

Terry loved the Pirates and their unconditional acceptance and regard for their members is a hallmark of the club. As always this went with a good dose of banter which generally saw Terry come home from golf with a big smile on his face.

Mike, Tim and I will be eternally grateful to the Pirates for contributing so much to Terry's happiness and well being over the years and wish you all great success on and off the course."

...and 3 to aspire to:-

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