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At the Committee meeting held on 05 03 2022 the following was minuted:-

No Pirate Pennants teams for 2022

CP informed the meeting that the 2022 Pennants competition would be held over 6 rounds from late May through to early July. CP noted that the health of the club suffers somewhat during this period, with Stroke rounds and Consistency awards suspended, and only a small number of non-Pennants members turning up to play Scrounger games (1-3 groups). CP proposed that the club field only one Pennants team for 2022 (cf. two in 2021). KR suggested that even with one Pennants team, play is still disrupted for the rest of the club and raised the idea of not fielding any teams in 2022. Vigorous discussion ensued over relative merits, with broad consensus that 2022 should be a year of rebuilding for the club. LJ raised a concern that it would be good to hear from members of the defending Pennants team, DW informed the meeting of conversations held with such members. DW then proposed a vote which members agreed to abide by.

Vote result:

  • 4 members voted in favour of fielding one Pennants team in 2022

  • 6 members voted in favour of not fielding a Pennants team in 2022 – carried

Actions: CP to inform Neil Goddard at Golf WA of the decision. CP to inform members via Captains Chronicle. CP/LJ to consider adding some Match Play rounds to fixtures for the enrichment of members.

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