Pennants Final’s Results 

Everyone will be aware that we had both teams in the finals. The result delivered  

mixed emotions with Team 1 going down in a play-off. 


I am very proud to announce that Team 2 won their final convincingly with the  

result being 5-1. Phil and the team are the proudly seized another Pirates Pennant. 

I would like to acknowledge JC who was our #1 player in team 1 and had to play the  play-off hole and give his opponent a shot on the 19th. (First hole par 5). We all know golf is a game of inches.  JC hit an outstanding 3rd shot to the back tier of the green 1 – 2 metres from the pin. The crowd following  started to clap, then the inevitable occurred. The ball slowly trickled off the side of the raised green leaving a difficult up and down. 

Well done to everyone that participated in pennants throughout the season. In true Pirates fashion we  played the game in the spirit for which it is intended. I have so much received positive feedback from  opposition clubs and players about how they enjoyed playing against us and they look forward to future  encounters. 


Pennants winners 2021_edited.jpg
Phil's Army - the Victors
Mike, Rod, Cap'n Phil, Barry, Norman, Donald