We currently have 2 Teams for the coming pennants season. Teams are: 

Team 1. 

Phil Leigh – Captain Norman Marshall Barry Kittler 

Donald Wilson 

Rod Smith 

Mike Clifford 

Team 2. 

Con Polkinghorne - Captain John Constance 

Phil Place 

Keith Reid 

Luke Juniper 

Harry Smith 

I have had communication with GolfWA; pennants will be going ahead. The dates and fixtures will be published shortly. The original commencement date still stands. 

A 3rd team will not be fielded. The Pirates that nominated will be reserves for the two teams. Please notify Phil to register your interest to be a reserve. 

Jun-Jul 2021: GolfWA Pennants: Round 1, 13th June – nominations close 5th May.

  • Comps are all subject to Covid developments/restrictions

Dear All,


As we all know 2020 was a challenging year for fixturing and due to the lack of nominations and COVID-19 the 2020 Public Course Pennant Season was cancelled.


I have received a small amount of interest from previous participating clubs to conduct a Public Course Pennant competition therefore please find attached the nomination form and Pennant Rules for the 2021 season.


Following the feedback received in 2019, I am again distributing this information now in preference to early next year. You will note that the return date requested for nominations is Wednesday 5 May 2021 or before and there will be no entry fee cost per team.


Please also note the following regarding the upcoming season:


  • The rules have been based on previous years. In respect to the subject of a matchplay index, if a club does not have a matchplay index the stroke index is to be used.

  • It is proposed that the finals will held on Sunday 25 July 2021 at a metropolitan golf club(s) venue TBC.

  • Using the above date and working back six weeks and based on participating teams playing home and away matches, the commencement weekend for Rd 1 would be 13 June 2021. This will obviously be subject to the number of teams that nominate in various categories/pools.


To encourage more ladies to play, we again propose that composite Ladies team(s) from two clubs competing and I would encourage ladies to nominate individually or in numbers less than the minimum number required of three for a team and we will look to form composite teams.


Remember this game of golf is all about fun, meeting new people and about participating so join in!


This information has been sent to Team Captains listed on Nomination Forms from previous years, therefore should there be additional contacts within your club that would be interested in the same, we would appreciate if you would forward this on to them. Additionally, this information will be distributed to all affiliated public clubs.   


If there are any queries relating to the above or attached please do not hesitate to contact me directly by email or phone.


Kind Regards



2021 GOLF WA PUBLIC COURSE PENNANT RULES ALL PENNANT MATCHES WILL BE PLAYED FROM THE FOLLOWING MARKERS: A. Men’s Markers - Back Tees B. Ladies Markers - Red Tees. HANDICAPS FOR ALL CATEGORIES ARE THOSE OBTAINED THROUGH GOLFLINK ONLY. ALL PENNANT TEAMS, INCLUDING OPEN CATEGORY, ARE TO BE PLAYED IN HANDICAP ORDER, WITH THE LOWEST HANDICAPPED PLAYER IN THE NUMBER ONE POSITION. Definitions Contest is the fixture between two Member Clubs’ teams. Match is the individual competition between two players. Team is the players selected by a Member Club to represent it in a Contest. 1. PLAYERS 1.1. It is the player’s responsibility to know the rules of the competition. 1.2. All players are subject to the GolfWA Player Code of Conduct. A full copy of which can be found on the GolfWA website at www.golfwa.org.au 1.3. Where there is no specific penalty, a general penalty of loss of half a competition point will be imposed for any breach of a Pennant Rule. 1.4. Players not conforming to their club or the courses dress requirements may be prevented from participating in their Contest and will forfeit their match. The score of each forfeited match will be 10-8. 1.5. Players may only be selected from full financial members of the club they represent on or before the date of the first round of pennant competition and must have a Golflink handicap by this date. New players joining a club after this date are not eligible to play Pennants in the current season. 1.6. Clubs playing an unregistered player shall forfeit that match 10-8 and be penalised one competition point. 1.7. Players shall only represent one (1) club during a season. 1.8. Where clubs have multiple teams in the same category e.g. Handicap A1, A2 etc, players shall represent only one team in that category. 1.9. Players shall play at least one (1) qualifying match in a category to qualify to play in the final in that category. 1.10. Players having played in Open Category cannot then transfer to a Handicap Category i.e. players can transfer anytime from Handicap Category to Open Category but cannot thereafter go back to Handicap Category. Penalty: 10-8 loss. 2. CAPTAIN 2.1. The home team Captain shall notify the opposing captain of PENNANT tee off times (not club tee off time) and the slope rating of the intended course at least 48 hours prior to tee off time. The visiting club is responsible for the green fees of its players. 2.2. Where a club has to pay green fees in advance, if opponents forfeit then the opposing team is liable for the prepaid green fees. 2.3. The home team Captain must inform the opposing team of Local Rules. Such rules must not breach a Rule of Golf or penalty imposed under the Rules of Golf. Agreement to waive a rule will result in the disqualification of both sides. 2.4. Both captains will hand each other written lists showing their teams, with first and surnames and Golflink numbers listed in Golflink Daily Handicap Order from one to six. Page 2 of 4 2.5. In the case of a preliminary final or a final, both teams are to nominate their representative in any individual playoff (if required) prior to any Contest commencing. If no player(s) are nominated then it will be assumed that the player in position one will be that player. 2.6. The Home Team Captain is to keep a record of the players’ names, Golflink numbers, Golflink Daily Handicaps and results on the score sheet provided attached to these rules. 2.7. The Captain of the winning team must forward to GolfWA the results of their Contest using the system provided by GolfWA. The results must be entered by close of business on the next weekday day. 2.8. The Captain of the winning team (or home Captain in the event of a half) is responsible for retaining the score sheet until the conclusion of the qualifying rounds of the competition. These records will be used in the event of a tie between teams on competition points at the end of the qualifying rounds. 2.9. Captains will ensure the score sheet is completed using Surname, Initial, Golflink daily handicap and Golflink number of all players. 2.10. If the Contest is halved the home club is responsible for forwarding/entering the Contest result. 2.11. If the result is not received by due date, the team responsible will forfeit any points allotted for the Contest. 2.12. Team Captains must show opposition Captain Golflink cards and Golflink Handicap for each player nominated to play on the day when requested. Any player failing to produce Golflink card will forfeit the match 10-8. 3. TEAMS 3.1. Teams will consist of – 3.1.1. Open Category - 6 players (affiliated and financial as of the date of the first round). 3.1.2. Handicap Category – 6 players (affiliated and financial as of the date of the first round). 3.1.3. Ladies Category – minimum of 3 players (affiliated and financial as of the date of the first round). 3.2. The number of categories will be subject to the number of nominated teams. 3.3. There will be a maximum of four teams in each Pool – unless more teams in each pool are required by the organisers. 3.4. The organisers may request a club re-compose and re-submit a team and has the right to refuse entry of any team. The organisers may also move a team between categories where it is determined that the team would be inappropriate in a certain category. 3.5. The organisers reserve the right to ballot out a team in the event of too many entries. 4. DIVISIONS 4.1. Category Handicaps are: 4.1.1. Open Category 0-36 played without handicap or ‘off the stick’ from the back tees. 4.1.2. Handicap Category(s) 0-36 handicap Contest play using daily handicaps from the back tees. 4.1.3. Ladies Category 0-36 handicap Contest play using daily handicaps from the red/Ladies tees. 4.2. Current Golflink Handicaps as at the date of Round One determine eligibility. 4.3. A player with a handicap higher than 36 after the relevant Slope Rating has been applied must play off 36. 4.4. If a player increases or decreases their handicap between nomination and the start of the first round, the player can still play in the nominated Team/Division but must play off their most current Golflink handicap. Page 3 of 4 5. CONTEST MATCHPLAY INDEX, ORDER OF PLAY AND HONOUR 5.1. For Men’s and Ladies Handicap Categories the Contest Matchplay Index will be advised based on the courses and clubs that nominate for the pennant competition. 5.2. Players in ALL categories MUST play in Golflink daily handicap order so that players of similar ability play against each other, with the lowest handicapper playing in position one and the highest handicapper playing in position six (or one to three in ladies pennants) Teams not playing in handicap order will be disqualified and all Contests recorded as a loss of 10-8. 5.3. The honour will be decided by the toss of a coin by the home Captain with the away Captain calling. 5.4. Tee off procedure in all divisions will be position one as shown on the score sheet followed in numerical order down to six (or one to three in ladies pennants). 6. QUALIFYING MATCHES 6.1. Each qualifying Contest shall consist of six individual matches (or minimum of three in the case of ladies pennants). Each individual match won shall be worth one (1) point, each individual match halved shall be worth ½ a point. Each team can therefore score between zero (0) and six (6) match points in any Men’s Contest (or between zero (0) and three (3) or up to six (6) for Ladies pennants). The team with the highest match points in a Contest shall receive Two (2) competition points. Contests that finish 3-3 (or 1.5 to 1.5 in ladies’ pennants) will result in both teams receiving one (1) competition point. Where two or more teams have an equal number of Contest Points, their relative positions on the table shall be decided: 6.1.1. Firstly, by the total number of matches won in all contests; 6.1.2. If still equal, then by the total number of matches won in Contest/s between the tied Teams; 6.1.3. If still equal, then by the number of matches won by the player or players who played in the number one position in all contests throughout the season. 6.1.4. If still equal, then by the number of matches won by the player or players who played in the number two position in all contests throughout the season and so on; 6.1.5. If still equal, the matter will be referred to the GolfWA Golf Committee for a decision. 6.2. A team must field at least three players (except for the ladies pennants teams who must field at least two players) to avoid a forfeit. Forfeiting teams will lose six-nil (or three-nil in the case of ladies pennants) with all matches scored 10-8. 6.3. If, after the Teams have been handed in, a player(s) fails to report to the commencement of their Contest, then: 6.3.1. A reserve player may be substituted; and 6.3.2. The reserve player will play in the position of the missing player regardless of handicap order. 6.4. If a reserve player is not available, any late player failing to start their Contest on time will lose the first hole. Players who fail to join their opponent BEFORE their opponent tees off the second hole are disqualified and loses the Contest 10-8. 6.5. All qualifying matches shall be played over a maximum of 18 holes. 6.6. If a Team withdraws after the start of the Competition all points won or lost will be cancelled. 6.7. Where possible, each team shall play 50% of qualifying Contests on their home course. The draw shall only be varied by the organisers. It is intended that each team plays home and away against all other teams where this is possible. 6.8. All qualifying Contests will be played on the day and time of the home club’s normal fixture. Where a Club has more than one playing day (i.e. Both Saturday and Sunday) they must nominate which day they will be playing their Pennant Contests. Once nominated this day may not be changed. 6.9. Where play has been abandoned due to lightning or course being declared unplayable by Course Controller, results of any completed individual matches will stand, unfinished individual matches will be considered halved and Contest results recorded appropriately. 6.10. If a course has been deemed unplayable, by the course Controller, the Captains may elect to wait one hour after play has ceased before declaring the Contest or individual matches abandoned. Page 4 of 4 7. FINAL 7.1 The top two teams in each Category/Pool will qualify for the final. All individual matches shall finish on the 18th with halved matches to count. Should a 3-3 draw (or draw in the ladies pennants subject to the number of players in the team) result, a pre-determined pairing (as selected prior to play) shall play a sudden death play-off with normal handicap procedure applying to the Handicap or Ladies Category. In the absence of a player nominated the number 1 position player from each team will play a sudden death play-off. 8. MISCELLANEOUS 8.1. In order to maintain the fellowship of the Contest Clubs are asked to announce the results of the day’s play soon after the completion of the fixture and where possible provide a light snack for all players and officials at their presentations or 19th hole. 8.2. In the event that there is dispute regarding the identity or authenticity of the player nominated on the Pennants score sheet, common sense should prevail and the opposing Captain may seek, in good faith, additional identification prior to the player in question teeing off. 9. MATCHPLAY INDEX As per in 5.1 match play indexes will be advised based on the clubs and courses that nominate for the Pennant Competition. Note if a course has a match play index then this will be used. Note: Relevant match play index MUST be used for the Ladies and Men's Handicap competitions. If there is no applicable index available at the golf course please use stroke index.