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Cutlass Challenge 2024

Sunday 24th November, Rockingham GC  - 10th Year! 11th event. 6-5 in Freo's favour

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at Rockingham GC

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Cutlass Challenge Rules
These rules are to be played alongside normal RA rules.
Special Cup Rules
1. Players must be at the clubhouse at least 30 minutes prior to tee-off for a group briefing by
both club representatives.
2. Fees are to be paid as per your club instructions.
3. Each player must use at least 6 tee-shots, of which at least one must be a par 3.
4. Preferred lies can be taken only if your ball is on the fairway. You may move it a half
club length but no closer to the hole. This is only if it lands on the fairway of the
hole you are playing, not the fairway next door!!!
5. If you land in a sand bunker that has failed to be raked, and you land in a “hole” or
footmark, you may pick up your ball, smooth the area flat, and replace you ball in
the same spot. No penalty. However, you must ask an opposing player before doing
6. Whichever ball is selected to be played, his teammate, when playing his shot, must
place his ball within half a club length of the ball that was chosen, but no closer to
the hole. This includes off the fairway. When placing your ball it cannot go from
rough to fairway or from off the green to on the green.
In other words, it must be placed so as to remain in roughly the same terrain as
the ball chosen.
7. Whichever ball is chosen to be played, the owner of that ball must go first,
including putting.
8. If both teammates hit balls into the rough or suspected to be hit out of bounds,
there is no need to play a provisional shot. A ball is to be dropped ON THE ROUGH
The players have 2 minutes in total to find one of the balls. If neither ball is found,
then they must drop a ball and take a penalty stroke.
9. NEW: If you are within 2 club lengths of the green, and you wish to put, but
sprinkler heads or other man-made objects are in your way, you may move your
ball but no closer to the hole.
10. NEW: Accidently striking or moving a ball does not cause a penalty stroke. Simply
replace the ball. There is also no penalty for double hitting a ball in your follow
11. Out of bounds is defined as on the outside of a fence or white post. A ball up
against a fence or post or between the posts is deemed in play, and can be moved
under the manmade obstacle rule, but no closer to the hole.
A ball cannot be played from out of bounds; therefore, you play your teammate’s
ball, or take a penalty drop outside the area.
12. The game format is as follows:
• This is a 2-ball Ambrose-Stableford match play.
• The Game is played as an Ambrose event as defined above...
• Each pair will have their combined handicaps divided by 2 and that will be
their Stableford handicap. It doesn’t matter if your team is 24 and you play
against a team that has 14, because it all comes down to a Stableford format
with Ambrose rules.
• Holes are won on Stableford scores; whichever pairing scores the most points
on the hole, wins that hole. Same points means a halved hole.
• The team having the most holes won, wins their match.
13. The Club with the most matches won will be declared the winner.
In the event that the score finishes even, then a count back of most holes won will
determine the winner. Therefore, it is important to try to win as many holes as
possible, even if you cannot win your match.
If it’s still even after that, then the Club that currently holds the trophy will be
declared the winner.

The history of this event.

The Fremantle Pirates and the Western Pirates golf clubs were not aware of each other's existence.

Then, some Western Pirates member was browsing the net, and came across this web site, and contacted us.

The Presidents and Captains from both clubs met, the challenge was made and so the competition was devised that is now known as the Cutlass Challenge.

In 2014, the first event was held at Fremantle. The Fremantle Pirates won the comp, and kept the trophy.

In 2015. the second event was held at the Western Pirates course, Marangaroo. The Western Pirates prevailed, the trophy was their's.

In 2016, the comp returned to the Freo golf course, and we won the trophy back.

In 2017, the comp returned to Marangaroo, and we managed to win the comp, and retain the trophy.

In 2018, the venue needed a split tee start so we moved to Rockingham but..... we lost. The venue was enjoyed so future challenges                  will be played at Rockingham. 

In 2019.....Western Pirates won. Beautiful weather, beautiful course.  Freo Pirates gave away a total of 61 strokes, so a rethink of                      pairings will have to be done for next year!  

In 2020....... Western Prates prevailed again wirh the narrowest of margins. We won 5 games, Lost 5 games and drew 3, so it came                  down to the number of holes won. WP 72, Freo 69.

In 2021 we had two games; May at Hillview GC - Freo won, In November at Rockingham GC Western Pirates won 8-3.

In 2022 at Rockingham GC in November Freo won 8-3.

In 2023 at Rockingham GC in November Freo won 6-2

                                                                                         SO IT STANDS AT 6 -5 in our favour

These comps are great fun. The competition is in earnest, no quarter given, but always played in the very best spirit.

It is what golf is all about.

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