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1. Preferred Lies: preferred lies may be taken as directed on the scorecard or local signage at the course we are playing. Model Local Rule E3 applies.


2. PLEASE NOTE At Kwinana  6 inches applies. Ref. Rule 16.1b


3. Alternative to Stroke and Distance for Lost Ball or Ball Out of Bounds: The relief area (marked in the diagram below) includes the edge of the fairway; the penalty is two strokes regardless of where the ball is dropped in that area.


4. Hand Smoothing in Bunkers:

  • Smoothing may be performed by the player when it is obvious that the sand in the bunker has been disturbed and is not a normal bunker lie

  • Consent must be granted by the marker or another player in the group

  • If a rake is present, th rake may be used to smooth the surface (the ball position must be suitably marked beforehand)

  • If a rake is not present, the sand may be smoothed with the back of the hand in one single continuous movement (the ball position must be suitably marked beforehand)

  • Smoothing does not apply when the ball is embedded in the bunker face (see R&A Rule 12 for further details).


5. Number and date of Championship Stroke rounds: Championship Stroke rounds will not be held in long weekends (i.e. when the following Monday would be a public holiday). This affects March and June, with Championship Stroke rounds held on the SECOND Sunday in March and June to avoid long weekends.
For all other months the FIRST Sunday is selected. The eight dates for Championship Stroke rounds are shown under "Fixtures"


6. Removal of Double Par / Three Putt rule for Championship Stroke rounds.

This is now removed for Championship rounds with players obliged to complete the hole as normal and record the correct number of strokes and putts.


7. Novelty events – handicapping and contribution to Consistency Award: Bisque Par will only be scored for handicapping if Stableford scores are also recorded (the Stableford scores will then be the ones submitted).
The Consistency award is intended to cover any and all formats played by the FPGC and that the scores for the game of the day should always be honoured in the Consistency rankings (so for the example a Bisque Par winner will receive the highest Consistency points; not the highest Stableford scorer). Notably; when a pairs or fours game is being played, the winning pair (or four) will split the highest tranche of consistency points and not the best individual.


8. Fines: The list of fines is re-affirmed as:

  • Three Putts –(limit of one fine on the front nine and one on the back nine)

  • Balls hit out of bounds

  • Balls hit into any ditch or drain (dry or wet)

  • Tee shots failing to proceed past the red tees

  • Strokes failing to connect with the ball in play (windies or whiffs)

  • Lost balls

  • Two or more successive strokes in the same bunker (one fine per bunker, not per stroke)

  • Parking of buggies in front of green while putting

  • Phone ringing during a game

  • Not carrying a sand bucket

All listed transgressions attract a $1 fine, up to a limit of $5 per player per game

Ref 3 above showing relief area from dark green Out of Bounds.
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