2021 Fixtures 

This week we have 2 games of pennants at home. There will be a game of scroungers teeing off directly behind the pennant’s competition who tee off at 9am with the second team teeing off around 9.20. Scroungers will be played off the Blue tees in future unless there is a desire to play off the yellows. The Scroungers can work it out on the day, remember you will have to adjust your handicaps accordingly. 

If you wish to play scroungers, please let the rated ARRR President know by 5pm Wednesday. Those participating in scroungers will be playing stableford. Every player pays his or hers $6 and the total pot will be split up as prize money. 

Note – Novelties will be on the course for members. Visiting pennants teams are invited to join in to win the novelties.

Note – during pennants season the birdie and eagles’ nests, members draw, and consistency points will be on hold. 

A full run down of the pennants is contained in the pennants section below. 


Round 3 of pennants. Scroungers (stableford) for those not playing pennants but still wish to have a hit. 

Sponsors are wanted for future games. IF YOU WANT TO SPONSOR A GAME – then please let me know in advance, and I will give you the details on how it works. Tip! Partner up so it's not too much of an outlay.    

We will need sponsors starting late-July please let me know when you would like to support the club. 


  You should have all received the 2021 fixtures compliments of your Vice Captain's great work.   

Ώ Scroungers stableford each Saturday until further notice  


The following events are coming, so enter the dates in your calendars. There is a new update attached.  

Ώ Wednesday 7/07/2021 – Secrets Charity Bash  

Get a team together I believe there will be 2 Pirate teams again at this game. Email your team to ben@secretsgolf.com.au or call 95247133   

Ώ Wednesday 4/08/2021 – Secrets Charity Bash 

Ώ Wednesday 1/09/2021 – Secrets Charity Bash