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Next Saturday's game 30-10-2021
9.00 start (TBC)
"Tombstone"  - Yellow Tees
More Details to follow - Sponsor Scott Ryan
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Tim, Cathy and Mike Roads presenting the "Yoda" Trophy to Keith Reid, with Cap'n Con officiating.

Cathy's words whilst presenting the Trophy honouring her late husband.-

"Mike, Tim and I are delighted to be here to mark the inaugral presentation of the Yoda Trophy.

Terry would have been over the moon to know the Pirates have acknowledged him in this way. Also the timing is spot on, with it being Terry's birthday yesterday.

We all hear much talk from clubs of all kind that promote their commitment to their members. Well you guys just get on with it, as has been seen over many years.

Terry loved the Pirates and their unconditional acceptance and regard for their members is a hallmark of the club. As always this went with a good dose of banter which generally saw Terry come home from golf with a big smile on his face.

Mike, Tim and I will be eternally grateful to the Pirates for contributing so much to Terry's happiness and well being over the years and wish you all great success on and off the course."

Anthony - The Vines Classic Winner -Score of 40 points


Last update to the site -  23 10 2021


Cap'n Long Con Polkinghorne

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So you say you know the rules.

why not try this R&A quiz....

A big happy and hearty Aaarrgghhh to all you Pirates welcome to this week’s edition of the Captain’s Chronicle!
We had a field of 22 pirates participate in a round of Par. The day was generously sponsored by John Constance and Keith Angus on behalf of the club thankyou gentlemen for your generosity.

Cutlass Challenge – The team is full. Please pay Adam your fees and let Phil know if your circumstances change and you are unable to play.
The Yoda Shield Memorial Game is this Saturday 23rd 2021.. If you bump into any past Pirates, please let them know they are welcome to play in the event. Andy Billingham will be making a special guest appearance. 

Please nominate ASAP for the Syd Lebron and Peninsula Pairs, these are limited fields and I want to make sure we don’t miss out.

Buccaneer Shield Sunday November 7, 2021 (8.48am Tee off
the 10th Tee) Secret harbour $30 pr player

Cutlass Challenge Sunday November 28, 2021

Rockingham GC $20 pr player

Saturdays Reults

NTP No. 4: - Captain Con
NTP No 8 – Keith Reid
NTP No. 14: - Neville Nobody
NTP No. 17: - Neville Nobody
Best 2nd Shot No. 6 - Captain Con
Longest 1st Putt No.1 – Brett Catterall

Longest 1st Putt No.10 – Edwin Ho

Birdie draw – No 15 - Jackpot
Birdies Nest Jackpot $75 next week.
Eagles Nest Jackpot $120 next week.

Amongst many ordinary scores there were three Pirates that managed a positive score. A hearty mention to the Winners who played very well.

1st Place – Glenn Carroll – +4
2nd Place – Capt Con +1 on a countback.
3rd Place – Keith Reid +1.

Paul Bachman happy birthday for last Saturday from all the Pirates. A birthday ball will be coming your way next week.

Saturday October 23, 2021 – Terry (Yoda) Roads Memorial – This is the inaugural event so please attend
Sponsors are wanted for future games. IF YOU WANT TO SPONSOR A GAME – then please let me know in advance, and I will give you the details on how it works. Tip!
Partner up so it's not too much of an outlay.

Ώ Saturday October 30, 2021 – Tombstone – Sponsored by Scott Ryan.
Ώ Wednesday 3/11/2021 – Secrets Charity Bash – Sponsor of the day is Gauge Roads. This is now closed with some teams leaving their nomination too late. Remember to book in early for future
Ώ Saturday November 6, 2021 – Stableford– Sponsored wanted.
Ώ Sunday 7/11/2021 – The Buccaneer Shield
Ώ Sunday 28/11/2021 – The Cutlass Challenge, 2nd event for 2021

Fremantle Pirates are:

An incorporated body, with official Golf Link handicaps.

Playing in friendly competition every Saturday, teeing-off at 9.00 AM at the Marri ParkGolf Course

We are a group of amateur weekend golfers who consider Golf to be serious fun.

Real Golf. Real course. Real competition.

Cheap. Minimal commitment - play or not play as you choose.

New members, male and female, will be made very welcome.

Our members have the option of competing in a variety of Golf WA tournaments at other golf courses.

Click "Membeship" above for details on how to join and pay green Fees. 

The tariff at Marri Park Golf Course is $42 for 18 holes on a Saturday.

Fremantle public course  was closed for rebuilding on

1st July 2020


Know the rule is the Pirates bonus section. Each week I will include a rule as a refresher; it never hurts to remind ourselves of the guidelines we play by.

When Ball or Ball-Marker Moves on Putting Green
There are two specific Rules for a ball or ball-marker that moves on the putting green.
(1) No Penalty for Accidentally Causing Ball to Move. There is no penalty if the player, opponent or another player in stroke play accidentally moves the player’s ball or ball-marker on the putting green.

The player must:
• Replace the ball on its original spot (which if not known must be estimated) (see Rule 14.2), or
• Place a ball-marker to mark that original spot.
Exception – Ball Must Be Played as It Lies When Ball Begins to Move During Backswing or Stroke and Stroke Is Made (see Rule 9.1b).
If the player or opponent deliberately lifts the player’s ball or ball-marker on the putting green, see Rule 9.4 or Rule 9.5 to find out if there is a penalty.
(2) When to Replace Ball Moved by Natural Forces. If natural forces cause a player’s ball on the putting green to move, where the player must play from next depends on whether the ball had already been lifted and replaced on its original spot:
• Ball Already Lifted and Replaced. The ball must be replaced on its original spot (which if not known must be estimated) (see Rule 14.2), even though it was moved by natural forces and not
by the player, the opponent or an outside influence (see Rule 9.3, Exception).
• Ball Not Already Lifted and Replaced. The ball must be played from its new spot (see Rule 9.3).