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Welcome to the Fremantle Pirates Golf Club (Inc)   -   Friendship

Come and Join the Pirates! Saturday handicap fellowship and fun - click membership

Next Saturday 07 - 10 - 2023
Marri Park GC - 8th and Final Championship round -
Stroke and Putts - Blue tees - 9.30

Sponsor - FPGC
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Rum Ball Winners - The Everleys -
Phil and Don


Best Individual - Cap'n Phil

  Last update to the site -  30 09 2023

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Cap'n Phil    -   Phil Leigh

Captains Chronicle.JPG

What a day! We had a brilliant turnout despite being being Grand Final AFL day. Most unexpected but very welcome .

Anyways, today's game was Rumball and, as usual there were some smokeys who came from the woodwork. Before we announce the winners, let's thank Fremantle Pirates Golf Club Inc for again sponsoring the day. The club is just the best!

Ok, today's team winners with a very good 37 points was Donald Wilson and Phil Place.

Runners up were Keith Reid and Paul Bachman on 34 points.

Best individual went to Sgt Major Phil Leigh on 35 points. Phil Place had scored 37 points but had already won 1st team place so was ineligible to win twice.

Fremantle Pirates are:

An incorporated body, with official Golf Link handicaps.

Competitive in a friendly spirit every Saturday, teeing-off at 9.00 AM at the Marri ParkGolf Course

We are a group of amateur weekend golfers who consider Golf to be serious fun.

Real Golf. Real course. Real competition.

Cheap. Minimal commitment - play or not play as you choose.

New members, male and female, will be made very welcome.

Our members have the option of competing in a variety of Golf WA tournaments at other golf courses.

Click "Membership" above for details on how to join and pay green Fees. 

The tariff at Marri Park Golf Course is $42 for 18 holes on a Saturday.

Fremantle public course is now open

Ph: 0436 812 934

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