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We now play at Marri Park Golf Course

Next game 10.00am Sat. 30th. May 2020 

- Stableford - Corona Scramble 10-

-Sponsors Stephen Hille & Simon Heagney-

It is confirmed that four balls are the go, so


Marri Park have requested the following:


That we play in fours, that each group has an alloted time, that we arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before our alloted time, that we disperse as soon as our game is over.

This is in total agreement with GolfWA guidelines and the latest Governments directive (27/4/2020)

They  wish us to stop gathering as a large group before tee off time.

The police have warned that individuals will be fined, but worse, they could close the course down and could stop golf being played in WA all together if the above requests are not followed.

It's on Again

The way the tee off times and groupings works is:-

Donald, on 0410 026 284, will circulate an email by Monday after each Saturdays game.

He will list those that will be playing the next Saturday.

If anyone wishes to be added to the list, or cannot play the next Saturday, they are to let him know,  by return email or text and by Wednesday evening.

He will then draw names out of a hat for who will play in pairs and their alloted time.On Thursday morning, the groupings  list will be circulated  by email. Please accept it, don't question it!, then turn up on time and enjoy each others company.



Last update to the site - May 22 2020


John Constance



A glorious day for the running of the 9th Corona Scramble attended by 26 Pirates [plus a quest]. A great turn-out I suspect influenced by the weather.

When you think about it, we’re lucky to play on a public course that is kept in pretty good condition, in particular the greens. Mind you that bloody fairway ‘velcro’ fringe grass still does my head in!

Just an observation; its a fortunate thing that the Ladies Tees on most tee boxes are just a few metres in front – otherwise there would be a few jugs of ale owed! You know who you are.


Mark Kilkelly & Semi Qativi : A big thank you to these two gentlemen who sponsored last Saturdays game. Your generosity is so appreciated.


Next Week’s Sponors are: Stephen Hille & Simon Heagney. Lets all make an effort and turn up to support Stephen & Simon – and hopefully snare some of their loot.

IF YOU WANT TO SPONSOR A GAME – then please let JC know in advance and I will give you the details on how it works. Tip! Partner up so its not too much of an outlay.

Remember - If you played last Saturday and won’t be playing next Saturday then please advise President Don, and if you weren’t there last Saturday but will be playing this Saturday, then please advise President Don as early as possible, but preferably by 5pm this Wednesday.

Following are the scores from last Saturdays competition:

  1. Keith Reid ****(15)                       34 pts [by count-back]

  2. John Constance *(9)                       34 pts

  3. Norman Marshall *(20)                 32 pts

  4. Phil Leigh (15)                                    31 pts

  5. Terry Roads (18)                               30 pts

  6. Edwin Ho (27)                                    29 pts

  7. Adam Kettle (21)                              28 pts

  8. Stephen Hille *(33)                          28 pts

  9. Roderick Smith *(18)                      28 pts

  10. Chris Reid (17)                                   28 pts

  11. Brad Staebler (20)                            27 pts

  12. Semi Qativi (18)                                27 pts

  13. Simon Chadwick (16)                      27 pts

  14. Paul Bachman (13)                           26 pts

  15. Mike Clifford (15)                             26 pts

  16. Simon Heagney (22)                        25 pts

  17. Luke Juniper (22)                              24 pts

  18. Paul Lister (24)                                  24 pts

  19. Con Polkinghorne (20)                   24 pts

  20. Harry Smith (18)                               24 pts

  21. Paul Turner (19)                                23 pts

  22. Don Wilson (18)                                23 pts

  23. Troy Scott (11)                                   20 pts

  24. Phil Place (29)                                    19 pts

  25. John Short (21)                                  17 pts...and our NAGA Winner for this week....congrats, a limited edition bottle of sanitiser coming your way {see JC}

  26. Mark Kilkelly (no card provided) but I am informed it was an improvement on last weeks winning naga score...well done M2K.

  27. signifies previous Corona Scramble winners.. 

Congratulations Keith Reid for winning yet another “Corona Scramble”...I think we may need to rename this weekly event the “Keith Reid Cash Cow”....well done to the first 3 prize winners who will receive their winnings at next week’s game. Please be sure to thank Mark & Semi for their generosity.

A bit of housekeeping: Take care when sending your cards through to me please, some are not copied too clear and my old eyes have difficulty making out the scores, thanks.

Next Saturdays Game 30/05/2020 – Stableford (10th Corona Scramble) 10.00am tee off. SPONSORS: Stephen Hille & Simon Heagney.

Good golfing everyone

Captain JC

So you say you know the rules.

Of course everyone believes you, but why not try this R&A quiz (in the privacy of your own home).

You may be surprised.....

Fremantle Pirates are:

An incorporated body, with official Golf Link handicaps.

Playing in friendly competition every Saturday, teeing-off at 10:00 AM at the Marri ParkGolf Course

We are a group of amateur weekend golfers who consider Golf to be serious fun.

Real Golf. Real course. Real competition.

Cheap. Minimal commitment - play or not play as you choose.

New members, male and female, will be made very welcome.

Our members have the option of competing in a variety of Golf WA tournaments at other golf courses.


Our annual membership fee was confirmed at the 1st Feb 2020  AGM at $80.

This covers our affiliation fee to GolfWA, and a fee for GolfLink handicap services.

The balance goes to the club to cover its administration and promotion expenses. From 1st August each year, this fee is reduced to $50. We allow a maximum of three rounds to be played as guests.

Note that green fees are payable separately to the course operators, or are included in tournament fees when you choose to play in a sanctioned event.

The tariff at Marri Park Golf Course is $40 for 18 holes on a Saturday.

But remember that Fremantle public course and driving range are still open for business so please continue to support Andy and his team.