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We now play at Marri Park Golf Course

Next game 9.30am Sat 3rd Oct. 2020 

-  5th Club Championship -

- Stroke & Putts -

- Sponsor Pope Paul Turner -

Scores for Championship, Eclectic and Putts now in "RESULTS"

Last update to the site -  Sep 30 2020


John Constance


21 Pirates competed last Saturday and I suspect those who stayed home due to the poor weather were thinking of the rest of us battling the elements. It was a trying day for most but still there was some good scoring as well. Here’s hoping we start getting some warmer days from hereon. REMINDER: 9.30am tee off this Saturday.

Stephen Hille & Simon Heagney: A big thank you to these two gentlemen who sponsored last Saturdays game. Your generosity is so appreciated. 

Next Week’s Sponsor is: Paul Turner

Next weeks format is Stroke [& putts] [Off The Yellow Tees]  - 5th round of club champs

IF YOU WANT TO SPONSOR A GAME – then please let JC know in advance and I will give you the details on how it works. Tip! Partner up so its not too much of an outlay. 

SPONSORS already locked in:

03/10/20 – Stroke – Paul Turner

10/10/20 – Rum-Ball Stableford ?

24/10/20 – Stroke ?

31/10/20 – Stableford ?

07/11/20 – PAR ?

14/11/20 – Stableford ?

21/11/20 – Bisque PAR ?

NEED MORE SPONSORS please. Contact JC.  

Rule Reminder: Some have been seeking clarification on what action to take when a ball goes “out of bounds” or is suspected of going “out of bounds”. The fence perimeter surrounding the Marri Park GC is out of bounds. The first think to adopt is to always hit a provisional ball whenever you think your ball has gone OB or is unlikely to be found in thick rough! These are the options when you go OB – firstly, play your provisional ball, or if you didn’t hit a provisional ball then you can go back to the tee and hit your 3rd shot from the tee. But, hopefully you will never have to do that because you did hit a provisional ball to begin with. The other option is, you place a ball within two clubs lengths on to the fairway you are playing, directly opposite the point [mutually agreed on by your marker] where your ball crossed the OB fence and proceed to play with a 2 shot penalty. So it would be your 4th shot if it was your tee shot that went OB. 5th shot if it was your second shot that went OB and so on. What you can’t do is drop a ball inside the fence line and play from there for a penalty of one shot! So to summarise, if you haven’t hit a provisional ball you have only two options; back to the tee for a one shot penalty or drop on fairway opposite point of crossing OB for a two shot penalty. Being a Stroke round this week, I urge you all to play provisional balls when your ball goes bush/OB. The group behind will appreciate it.

Remember - If you played last Saturday and won’t be playing next Saturday then please advise President Don, and if you weren’t there last Saturday but will be playing this Saturday, then please advise President Don as early as possible, but preferably by 5pm this Wednesday.

Recent Results: Sandgroper Open at Hamersley GC

7 Pirates attended Sunday and then 9 Pirates on Monday.

Under trying conditions the Pirates prevailed with Phil Place with 39 pts Sunday winning overall for the day and Keith Angus winning Long Drive for his respective grade on the Monday – so well done to these two Pirates who flew the Pirates flag proudly – for the rest of us; there is always next year as they say.

Following are the results from last Saturdays competition:


Best 3rd Shot No. 1: Paul Turner

Longest 1st Putt No. 3: Barry Kittler

Longest Drive No. 9: Luke Juniper

NTP No. 14: Barry Kittler

Best 2nd Shot No. 18: ----


Winner: 37 pts – Barry Kittler

R/Up: 36 pts – Paul Lister

Birdies Nest $75 – WON – Hole no.5 – Paul Lister

Eagles Nest $160 – Jackpot

Congratulations Barry Kittler for winning the day ..well done also to runner-up Paul Lister.

Next Saturdays game 03/10/2020 – Stroke [& Putts] [off the Yellow tees] 9.30 am tee off. 5th round club champs.

Handicaps for next Saturday are in attachments.

Dates to Note:


03/10/20 – Stroke round – 5th of the Club Championship qualifiers

10/10/20 – Rum-Ball Stableford [pairs]

17/10/20 – “Corfield Cup” Stableford – Sponsor: Byron Corfield [TBC]

24/10/20 – Stroke round – 6th and final round of the Club Championship qualifiers

31/10/20 – Stableford

01/11/20 – BUCCANEER SHIELD – Secret Harbour GC...limited to 32 players – $30 p/p - nominations open 3/10/20 [name and $30 to JC] – nominations closing 23rd Oct

07/11/20 – PAR

11/11/20 – Peninsula Pairs – Maylands GC – Stableford Pairs Comp - $70 p/p – entries close 08/11/20

14/11/20 – Stableford 

21/11/20 – Bisque PAR

28/11/20 – Stableford

29/11/20 – Cutlass Challenge – Rockingham GC – v Western Pirates

12/12/20 – Stableford  *Last official game for Consistency Award

13/12/20 – Pirate Presentations Dinner/Wind-Up – venue yet to be confirmed

[calendar subject to change due to the times in which we live]

......future games yet to be determined.....

 Good golfing everyone

Captain JC

So you say you know the rules.

Of course everyone believes you, but why not try this R&A quiz (in the privacy of your own home).

You may be surprised.....

Fremantle Pirates are:

An incorporated body, with official Golf Link handicaps.

Playing in friendly competition every Saturday, teeing-off at 10:00 AM at the Marri ParkGolf Course

We are a group of amateur weekend golfers who consider Golf to be serious fun.

Real Golf. Real course. Real competition.

Cheap. Minimal commitment - play or not play as you choose.

New members, male and female, will be made very welcome.

Our members have the option of competing in a variety of Golf WA tournaments at other golf courses.


Our annual membership fee was confirmed at the 1st Feb 2020  AGM at $80.

This covers our affiliation fee to GolfWA, and a fee for GolfLink handicap services.

The balance goes to the club to cover its administration and promotion expenses. From 1st August each year, this fee is reduced to $50. We allow a maximum of three rounds to be played as guests.

Note that green fees are payable separately to the course operators, or are included in tournament fees when you choose to play in a sanctioned event.

The tariff at Marri Park Golf Course is $40 for 18 holes on a Saturday.

Fremantle public course  was closed for rebuilding on

1st July 2020