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Next Saturday's game 15-05-2021
9.00am start Yellow Tee Markers
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See new local rule below


Last update to the site -  10 05 2021


Cap'n Long Con Polkinghorne

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A big hearty Aaarrgghhh to all you pirates! Saturday was another great day for golf and the inaugrial Treasurer’s Cup! A massive shout out and well done needs to be extended to Adam Kettle for putting on a brilliant event.


The format tested some members mathimatics skills but the feedback after the event was that we should play Bisque Stableford again.


We had a roll out of 20 pirates for the event The day was generously sponsored by The Treasurer. Thank you on behalf of all the members.


Tee Off Time I am happy to announce that we got away on time this week.


A reminder for those who didn’t play, we will be Teeing Off at 9am every week and we should be getting away on time. 1 st Cutlass Challenge Is being held this coming Sunday May 16, 2021 at Hillview Golf Club, 8am for a 8.30 tee off.


Team are finalised and the final handicap review will be conducted by Phil on Wednesday. A word of warning if you are thinking you are going to pull out at the last minute – DON’T – Phil knows where you live!


On behalf of the cIub I would like to thank Phil for the enourmous effort that has put in to pull the event together.


Carramar Classic This weekend is the final Saturday to pay your fees. $45 for 1 or $80 to play both days. Details are in the coming events section below. Please pay your fees to Joona this Saturday and I will lodge the entry on Monday.


he Eagles has landed. A rowdy congratulations goes to JC who scored the club’s first legitimate eagle at Marri Park on hole 6. Eagles Nest $20 next week.


1 st Place the winner of the inaugrial Treasurer’s Cup – Paul (Blister) Lister with 39 Pts

2 nd Place with a return of form – Paul Bachman with 38 Pts

3 rd Place in a countback – Harry Smith with 37 Pts

Other notable scores – Kange and Adam (37 Pts).

So you say you know the rules.

why not try this R&A quiz....

Fremantle Pirates are:

An incorporated body, with official Golf Link handicaps.

Playing in friendly competition every Saturday, teeing-off at 9.00 AM at the Marri ParkGolf Course

We are a group of amateur weekend golfers who consider Golf to be serious fun.

Real Golf. Real course. Real competition.

Cheap. Minimal commitment - play or not play as you choose.

New members, male and female, will be made very welcome.

Our members have the option of competing in a variety of Golf WA tournaments at other golf courses.


Our annual membership fee was confirmed at the 20th Feb 2021 AGM at $80.

This covers our affiliation fee to GolfWA, and a fee for GolfLink handicap services.

The balance goes to the club to cover its administration and promotion expenses. From 1st August each year, this fee is reduced to $50. We allow a maximum of three rounds to be played as guests.

Note that green fees are payable separately to the course operators, or are included in tournament fees when you choose to play in a sanctioned event.

The tariff at Marri Park Golf Course is $40 for 18 holes on a Saturday.

Fremantle public course  was closed for rebuilding on

1st July 2020



Yesterday I witnessed a member of our group still applying the old rule for the amount of time spent  looking for a ball. 


Ball Search Pt 2.

PreviouslyiIf you move your ball when searching for it, you will generally incur a one-stroke penalty and must then drop it to return it to play if the exact original spot is unknown.


Now there will be no penalty for such accidental movement and the ball must be replaced in its original spot and lie, which must be estimated if the exact spot is not known.


There was a bit of a disincentive for the player to search too thoroughly because of the risk of a penalty that wouldn’t apply to others searching were to move the ball accidentally.


Replacing rather than dropping will ensure the player faces the original lie, rather than potentially benefiting from a better lie..

Course Playing Condition – New Local Rule 

Many of you may have noticed or landed on many large clay pan areas on some of the fairways, such as  hole 10.


We have received feedback from members about being penalised (1 card length does not provide  relief or a grass lay) if you land in one of these hard, dry areas.  

We have decided to introduce a local rule. Relief can be taken either sideway or backwards (no closer to  the hole) on agreement from your playing partners. This rule does not apply to patchy grassy lays.